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As part of our service, we’ll send you updates that we deem essential to your usage of Promo Fo's. These will be kept to a minimum and only if absolutely necessary.

Promo Fo's Updates

Turn these on to recieve the latest website news, special incentives, recruitment drives and exclusive invites.

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Turn these on to receive awesome discounts, offers and exclusive invites from our partners. Anything we communicate to you is carefully matched to suite your preferences and we will never sell your personal data.


Thank you for signing up, here are some things you can do to get started


Activate the link we just emailed to you so that agencies can find you when searching for staff to fulfil their projects


The main menu is where you can view all current work opportunities. You can also create broadcasts, find friends and view job applications + more! From your image in the top right you can access another menu to complete your profile, tailor your email job alerts and upgrade to Pro Membership


Agencies receive 100’s of applications so beat the competition and go Pro!

Pro costs just £5.95pm. Cancel anytime.

Features include

  • Be at the top of staff searches
  • Appear amongst the first in jobs you apply for
  • Let bookers invite you to apply to jobs
  • Log your income and track earnings
  • Upload unlimited photos
  • Add your profile to public directly and set your desired pay rate. (COMING SOON)
  • Target posts by location to find cover for your shift
  • Post a broadcast to attract other staff to work on jobs together
  • Full unrestricted site access to all other features.

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